Platform as a Service (PaaS):

This cloud PaaS service can be used to develop, test, and maintain software. Moreover, this service is similar to IaaS but with additional tools such as DBMS and BI service. Also, Apprenda and Red Hat OpenShift can be exemplified to have an insight into its functionality.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Rent/Subscription based Servers, Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Networks, and Storage, use IaaS infrastructure as a service Amazon Web Service and Microsoft are among few examples of IaaS.


Software as a Service (SaaS):

Since it is a software-related service, you can connect this SaaS cloud platform to your applications via the internet on a subscription basis. Google Applications are examples of Software as a Service.


Optimized Service:

We also provide cloud services storage, databases, servers, networking, and software in Ohio through the internet.

Optimized Service

Quick Accessibility:

Access cloud files and applications from any device with internet connectivity. However, it is just like you access your Google Gmail account through any smartphone or a computer.

At your side, with MTech Solutions, forget about managing the hardware part and focus on creating new cloud applications for business, storing data, and hosting websites.

Time Management

Why your business needs Cloud Service?

In the modern-day world, everything is getting digitalized, so do the businesses. Hence, people may not know that cloud computing and its services are part of our daily activities such as email service, document editing, watching videos, and many more.

Need Cloud Services

Can you choose the solution of your choice?

You can select from Cloud Services as per your business requirement, even from the city Westlake. It does not matter much either you’re an owner of a small business or a full-scale organization; however, Cloud Services let you manage your day-to-day operational activities efficiently.
MTech Solutions offers three types of cloud computing solutions with unique featured Cloud Computing models.

solution of your choice

Cloud Services

We help you get rid of the burden of IT infrastructure.

Channelize your potential in the right direction by using our best business Cloud Services.
Also, maintaining data storage and computing power is a critical task, and it requires professional expertise. We deliver the solutions you need.

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