Disaster Recovery Solution

With MTech, disaster recovery is no more a hard nut to crack!

We offer the best disaster recovery services worldwide to recover and extract all the information from the systems.

  • Protects from significant negative events
  • It maintains or quickly restores mission-critical functions.
  • Standard procedures for instant recovery of the data
  • Prevents delays in the continuation of business affairs.
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Disaster Recovery Plan and Solutions We Offer:

Disaster recovery covers any possible scenario. Moreover, it includes cyber-attacks and equipment failure. Which threatens IT infrastructure. Moreover, disaster recovery planned approach with instructions is basically the core function to respond to an unplanned incident.

Virtualization Disaster Recovery

It can eliminate the need to recreate a physical server when something goes wrong. Also, by placing a virtual server on reserve capacity or the cloud are very real possibilities, accomplishing your organization’s recovery time objectives (RTOs).

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Network Disaster Recovery System

Servers aren’t the only part of an organization’s IT infrastructure that may be affected by a disaster. Moreover, networks can also meet an untimely demise. Which can lead to failures in business applications and services. These services depend on reliable network connectivity.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Use a cloud provider’s data center as a recovery site without investing in additional facilities, systems, and personnel.

It also grants user’s access to cutting-edge IT capabilities. As a consequence of competitive cloud market in which AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud attempt to one-up each other. Hence, with any IT endeavor, identify the backup and recovery challenges, that a third-party cloud infrastructure provider. Also, it may help solve its impact on your IT processes.

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Data Center Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan extends well beyond the IT systems, housed in a computing facility. Moreover, IT disaster recovery plan involves many things. Like the building itself, utility providers, backup power, physical security, fire suppression, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), support personnel, and much more.

Why should an organization plan for DPR (Disaster Recovery Plan)?

  • Delineates the response to any given disaster scenario
  • Consistent support for time-sensitive business processes and functions
  • Sustainable business continuity

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