Managed Services

Why enterprises use managed services?

MTech’s Solutions Managed Services are one of best ways to reduce expenses and enhance operational performance. It
is basically outsourcing certain processes and functions.

  • On-demand Services: With MTech Solutions, users just pay for what work is done.
  • Unlimited IT Support: These services comprise on flat-rate and consistent support against fixed fee for a month.
  • Consistent Monitoring & Reporting: We handle monitoring, testing, backup, and recovery for our customers so
    they have the time needed to focus on business growth.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enterprises don’t have to handle the tasks which consume their potential in
    maintenance and leave them in a fix.

Why you need Managed Services?

With expanding technology powerful computers are easy to acquire but they create complexity and a threat of hacking,
this is where we come to your support.
We manage your IT infrastructure and system within a subscription model. Our Managed Services also include storage,
desktop and communications, helpdesk, and technical support.
You can outsource IT operations through our Managed Services and can control your IT costs, labor costs, optimize
efficiency, implement new technology, reduce risk, and focus on you core business.

Managed Services we offer:

Managed Network

Through our Managed Network you can have required network solutions necessary for your organization/business. Managed Networks consist of managed LAN, WAN, gateway, wireless networks, and automated network support services. The communication network is operated, managed, secured, and maintained by us, while the services are provided to the user in form of cloud infrastructure service or in-house installation. Unlike traditional network, customers can source their infrastructure, software, and technical support services for management of IP-based network.

managed-network -

Why not unmanaged network?

Instead of executing business initiatives, users get stuck managing network architecture and technology with heavy operational and labor costs.

Now, you can leave that hectic network management to us and channelize your energy to find new opportunities. We deliver the support you need, ranging from provision of data speeds, external security protection, and high resilience through SD-WAN.


Managed Router

With advancement in technology, routers are more sophisticated and carry important tasks for mobilization of the information. These are the routers that provide more configuration operations than the standard one, but extra cost and technical expertise are required for added options. You can now manage your Ethernet network, provisioning, configuration, and on-premises router through our advanced solutions.


The Benefits you get:

Optimized Operational Efficiency

Managed Router improves your operational efficiency by taking from you the stress of router management. You can utilize your resources to increase productivity and quality.


Router Monitoring

Your router performance monitoring is our responsibility and we will keep you updated with regular status reports. MTech Solutions makes sure that you don’t waste your time in monitoring your router.


Reduced Operating Costs

Since you do not need to maintain router service by yourself, it eliminates the need of buying back-up routers and other requisites such as maintenance and software license. Only cost you would bear is fixed monthly charge.


Managed Switches:

Traditional Switches are rapidly being replaced with Managed Switches because of their configuration options.
Managed Switches come with various options unlike the traditional dumb ones. Various levels of managed switches can be chosen as per requirement.

These switches have IP address basic models can be used to setup VLANs, QoS, and Nic teaming; moderate ones have more options; advanced ones are called layer 3 switches and can be configured for security with functions like that of a router.

MTech managd switches

Key Advantages of Managed Switches:

Traffic Control

MTech Solutions’ provided Managed Switches can be used to connect various devices to a network, giving the LAN traffic control and other relevant features to the user.


Traditional switches perform the plug and play functions and can connect your Ethernet with PC or network router. On the other hand Managed Switches perform all the functions a traditional one does, but they allow you to manage or troubleshoot your network.

You don’t need to worry about unauthorized connection as Managed Switch does not allow that.

m tech managed servics Security

Managed Desktop

We provide Managed Desktop service as subscription-based service equipped with cloud platform, including latest windows version, required software, and cloud-based device management.

It allows the user to outsource desktop computers’ monitoring/maintenance task and focus on business functions because MTech Solutions manages end-to-end desktop services through professionals.


  • It is important that user’s business applications must not affect the experience or the security aspect.
  • Users’ business applications must fulfil the requirements of Managed Desktop service which MTech Solutions
    will provide before the initiation of desktop deployment.
  • If an application or driver does not support the change, MTech Solutions removes such applications without
    affecting users’ operational efficiency.
  • Moreover, MTech Solutions also remove third party anti-virus, security software, or such applications that install
    other third party software.

Advantages of Managed Desktop:

Flexibility and Accessibility

Businesses can add new desktops with economical costs and familiar end user experience.


Minimum Resources Required

As a managed service, it comes with minimum infrastructure requirements and desktop safety and security.


Complete Package

MTech Solutions deploys Managed Desktop with installed applications and drivers on user’s premises to ensure its functionality as authoritative component.


Managed Switches:

  • If your printing expense is increasing or it is more than expected, this service is right for you.
  • MTech Solutions manages your print devices, including multifunctional devices, document management, and workflow solutions.
  • We assess your existing printing infrastructure and improve print output environment.

Why Managed Print Service?

  • Traditional printers require lot of resources to fulfil documentation need.
  • We recognize the need and determine the roadmap to minimize various types of devices without compromising the company’s required output.
  • We also provide help desk support, technical service, and maintenance.
  • We manage all of your print requirements such as paper, ink, toner, and the required supplies.

Advantages of Managed Printers:

Complete Package

With our Managed Printers users can save their printing cost by up to 30% without compromising their printing requirement.


Mobile Print Environment

Users can print their documents without physically reaching the printer devices through any device with internet connectivity.


Time Management

Since users can print from their mobile devices, a lot of time can be utilized for more important tasks.


Automated Purchasing

Users can purchase supplies through automated process without assigning someone with the responsibility of purchasing supplies, spending time and fuel.

mtech managed servics Automated Purchasing

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