In order to fix the Fortnite stuttering issue, you can try installing the latest patch which is able to fix some bugs. In order to make Fortnite run smoothly on your better, you need to make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements. So, check whether your computer meets the following requirements. Why does Fortnite keep on stuttering when you are playing it?

  • Also grabbed chipset drivers off AMD’s website.
  • For more, check out our article on Fortnite introducing the new Prime Shotgun in update v21.30.
  • Click the Settings button from the home screen in order to open the Settings Scroll down until you locate the Controller entry and switch the option from ON to OFF.
  • I also tried Fortnite on DX11 with my RX 6900 XT Red Devil and it was very much FPS frame drops, so I changed settings to medium and now I have no issues.

This is no need to install additional Bluetooth driver for this device in your computer. You just plugged CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter in and drivers will automatically be installed in your computer. High Speed & Long Range, USB Bluetooth Dongle offers high data rates possible with up to 3 MBit/s, wireless transmitter enables long steam disk write error range connectivity up to 10M. When purchasing csr 4 0 bluetooth dongle, there are a number of things to avoid.

Launching Fortnite To High Priority

On whatever mission you are in, save it and close the game. Refresh the Windows Explorer and start the game once again. On the other hand, certain application overlaying in the game is also responsible for it. Therefore, knowing the effective troubleshooting process is mandatory to resolve the issue.

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The slight stutters in dx12 with high fps is due to dx12 being beta for fortnite, and not as optimized as dx11 by epic games. This should be your last resort to fix the Fortnite stuttering issue. Unfortunately, there is no fix for micro stutters at the moment. Epic Games can, however, address the issue and optimize Fortnite performance. On the other hand, players can control a few things to reduce micro stutters. I used to have severe stutters and fps drops in Fortnite and Warzone. Fortnite got kinda resolved, but I remain sceptical until few days of testing.

Windows XP/Vista/7 may not allow this device to connect. Sep 28, 2020 I need CSR Harmony Bluetooth 5.0 driver as without proper driver its giving me lots of problems to install in windows 10. Update ASUS Bluetooth Driver with Device Manager. Press Windows X and select Device Manager to open Windows Device Manager. Right-click your ASUS Bluetooth software and select Update driver.